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Featured Work

In January 2023, Eli Brottman was published in The Daily Line, where he wrote an in-depth analysis of The Chicago Index Race for Mayor December survey results. Read his report at

Note: Eli analyzed the results, but he did not design or conduct the survey.


In the 2022 election cycle, Eli Brottman completed data analysis and managed field campaigns for three McHenry County Board candidates. In the November 8, 2022 election, they were the top 3 vote-getters out of the 12 Democrats running for County Board.

In March 2022, Michael Rabbitt's campaign for Illinois State Representative hired Eli Brottman to conduct a detailed data analysis in order to improve targeting of limited resources and guide messaging for Rabbitt's grassroots run for State Representative. Brottman’s research findings led to his hiring as Field Director in order to redirect the field program, by sharply increasing outreach, strategically identifying the most likely Rabbitt voters, and informing microtargeting to optimize the mail program and digital strategy.

Despite being outspent by his Chicago Machine-backed opponent by a factor of 4:1, Michael Rabbitt finished within 567 votes of his opponent, receiving *nearly 48%* of the Democratic primary vote and shattering expectations.

In 2021, Eli Brottman analyzed possible new county board maps for DeKalb County Democrats. The map that Brottman suggested to the party was unanimously passed by the DeKalb County BoardOn November 8, 2022, DeKalb County voters elected the first Democratic majority to the Board since 2014.

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