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"I engaged Eli’s data services when running my re-election campaign for my second Village Commissioner term. As a working mother, I was interested in determining where to focus my efforts to ensure I was using my limited time wisely. Eli did an extensive analysis of voter data and behaviors, organizing precincts by highest to lowest priority. This gave me an early opportunity to begin targeting those areas most likely to vote and to share my values, and where to follow up with additional contact. He was prompt and offered thorough support beyond the report delivery. The report itself offered detailed methodology and rationale, and gave me new insights on the municipal voting population. I appreciate Eli’s thoughtful and personalized approach to data, and highly recommend his services to anyone who needs an affordable option to help with their campaign!"

Leslie Sadowski-Fugitt, re-elected to Downers Grove Village Board in 2023

"Having never run for a political office before, I knew that I was going to need plenty of guidance with my school board campaign. This realization became even more apparent when the field became crowded with 5 other candidates. Eli provided his expertise and guidance from the beginning of my campaign. Using his expertise he set up canvassing territories in a time frame to have the most impact on my campaign. Eli created mail universes for letters and phone banking lists that effectively reached the right voters. He was always available to answer questions and guided me with filing appropriate paperwork with the state when that became necessary. Due to his dedication and knowledge, I am pleased to say that I was elected to the Crystal Lake District 47 School Board. In fact, not only was I elected, but I was the top vote earner of all the candidates, beating both incumbents. I have no doubt that Eli’s expertise played a large role in my success! I would highly recommend Eli for anyone looking to run for political office in the future!"

Lisa Messinger, elected to Crystal Lake District 47 School Board in 2023

Crystal Lake District 47 is among the largest school districts in Illinois (top 6%, by enrollment), and is the 6th largest elementary school district in Illinois.


The District 47 School Board will now have a liberal majority, starting in May 2023.

"Using data from past elections, Eli kicked off our relationship by providing realistic expectations about the challenges we faced and the likelihood of success. He played an instrumental role in my successful campaign, serving as an effective analyst, strategist, tactician, and coach.

As part of his analysis, Eli provided a precinct-by-precinct roadmap to prioritize our efforts. Then, on every day for the last two months of the campaign, he sent a new list of doors to knock along with a motivating “See if you can get through this whole turf this afternoon!” text. Eli was always available, responded quickly to questions, proactively pointed out problems and opportunities, and changed direction when necessary. His guidance, directness, and quiet persistence – along with a lot of hard work, door knocking, and other marketing activity from our campaign team – paid off.

I would absolutely work with Eli again, and highly recommend him as a campaign consultant."

Carolyn "Lyn" Campbell, McHenry County Board Member, District 3

After being appointed to the McHenry County Board in February 2022, Carolyn "Lyn" Campbell won election to the Board on November 8, 2022. She was the highest vote-getter in her Republican-leaning district, receiving more votes than each of the two Republicans running against her.

"I was redistricted into a tough new area where the odds of me being re-elected to my County Board seat were small. Eli Brottman helped me win by thoroughly analyzing my new district and helping me target my campaign efforts. Eli was an amazing asset to my campaign, helping with strategy, focus, and especially my door-knocking campaign.  His knowledge of the voter database, how to use it to win, and creating a complete door-knocking campaign helped me win my race.  I will be contracting with Eli for my future election campaigns because he is willing to jump in to help in any way with his great ideas."

Kelli Wegener, McHenry County Board Member, District 5

"The DeKalb County Democrats utilized Eli Brottman's services and we couldn't be happier with what we received.   Our county had a one week turnaround between the presentation of possible new maps and voting on them.  In that short time Eli analyzed all three maps giving us a better understanding of how they would affect our county allowing our county board members to come to a well informed decision.  We couldn't have done it without him and will definitely use him again for analysis in the future."

Kori Rempfer, Former Chair, DeKalb County Democratic Central Committee

On November 8, 2022, DeKalb County voters elected the first Democratic majority to the Board since 2014.

"Eli Brottman provided me with a comprehensive Will County General and Primary Election and Voter Turnout Report for 2018 and 2020 that included spreadsheets and written analyses for multiple statewide races. His ability to analyze the data and present it in a digestible format has made it so easy to identify patterns, weaknesses and strengths as we prepare for the 2022 midterm election cycle. Eli's ability to collect, parse, and effectively communicate vital election data is an invaluable tool and I appreciate his insights so much!"

Nora Gruenberg, Former Chair, Will County Democratic Central Committee

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